Our Projects

Gambling problems are linked with higher rates of suicide, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, academic trouble, medical problems and substance use. When gambling problems go unaddressed individuals, families, and whole communities suffer. There is a solution. Anyone can recover from gambling problems. Sadly, less than 1% of those who struggle get help. Shame, denial and lack of awareness prevent people from seeking help. Silence causes shame, denial and lack of awareness. END Problem Gambling’s outreach projects break the silence.

College Outreach
Every quarter, we visit college campuses to teach local college students about the potential risks of gambling. We connect campuses with local recovery resources. Learn more.

Community Outreach
We educate community leaders and healthcare workers about the signs and symptoms of problem gambling, how to talk about gambling issues, and how to connect people with recovery resources. Learn more.

END Problem Gambling is committed to reducing the shame and stigma surrounding problem gambling by producing and distributing videos. We share these stories with live audiences, enter them into film festivals, and make them freely available on the internet. Learn more.

Strategic Partnerships
END partners with organizations to provide information on problem gambling that is accessible and impactful. Learn more.